King Black Dragon chathead
The King Black Dragon (or KBD) is one of the weakest bosses in Ateria. It's usually fought by a single player using melee,but it is possible to have another player ranging him from afar. He can be found in his lair whose entrance is found deep in the Wilderness near the Lava maze. The KBD is often fought for its expensive drops including the rare left half dragon square shield and dragon medium helmet drops.


The King Black Dragon uses melee when fighting and also uses four different types of dragon breath attack that have fairly devastating effects, which makes him a well-rounded and difficult foe. His dragon breath attacks are:

  • Regular dragonfire
  • Shock-like breath that can reduce your stats. It is suggested that you have 70 Defence or higher and good magic defence armour. All stats will be lowered by 1 or 2 points. Super restores could come in handy here but are not required for players with high combat levels or bringing potions such as overloads.
  • Ice breath that can stop players from moving or attacking.
  • Poison breath that will deal 100 poison damage. You should bring at least 1 anti poison potion if you want to kill him. With the release of Invention, an augmented piece of armour with the Venomblood perk will negate completely the poison damage from this attack.
  • There is no way to block the special dragonfire attacks, although the normal Dragonfire can be negated as normal. The breaths can deal various damage, though using an Anti-dragon shield and a dose of Antifire or Super antifire will take the damage from the special breaths down to 100. The attack also has a chance to do its special ability.


You can find the KBD guide here.


100% Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon bones Dragon bones1 Always
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide1 Always

Main Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Rune longsword Rune longsword1 Common
Mithril battleaxe Mithril battleaxe1 Common
Mithril 2h sword Mithril 2h sword1 Common
Blood rune Blood rune15-50 Common
Death rune Death rune7-50 Common
Air rune Air rune105 Common
Fire rune Fire rune105 Common
Iron arrow 5 Iron arrow690 Common
Amulet of strength Amulet of strength1 Common
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody1 Common
Coins 1000 Coins? Common
Yew logs Yew logs100 Common
Runite limbs Runite limbs1 Common
Adamant 2h sword Adamant 2h sword1 Uncommon
Adamant hatchet Adamant hatchet1 Uncommon
Black hatchet Black hatchet1 Uncommon
Earth rune Earth rune105 Uncommon
Law rune Law rune15-45 Uncommon
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow150 Uncommon
Runite bolts 5 Runite bolts1-150 Uncommon
Iron ore Iron ore100 Uncommon
Adamant bar Adamant bar1 Uncommon
Shark Shark4 Uncommon
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe1 Rare
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword1 Rare
Nature rune Nature rune20-150 Rare
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow45 Rare
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 Rare
Bones Bones 1 Rare
Silver ore Silver ore 100 Rare
Rune bar Rune bar 1 Rare
Oyster Oyster 1 Rare
Oyster pearls Oyster pearls 1 Rare
Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet 1 Rare
Rune platebody Rune platebody 1 Very Rare
Coal Coal 100 Very Rare
Draconic visage Draconic visage 1 Very Rare
Gilded dragon pickaxe Gilded dragon pickaxe 1 Very Rare
King Black Dragonling Pet KBD 1 Ultra Rare
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